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Over the last few weeks the entire world has been enthralled with the #BlackLivesMatter protests and demonstrations of a determined African American community and for once people are finally being forced to listen. Closet and shirt-sleeve racists are being faced with the reality that their shit won’t be taken anymore. As it should be. Amongst … Continue reading PTSD


Imagine you woke up this morning with the ability to see five minutes into your future. I’m not talking any major events, I’m talking about what happens if you decide to take a minute to watch a news broadcast on TV that you would normally have ignored on your way out to work. It would … Continue reading Blink

Know You

Today’s post is going to be quite brief and slightly different. It’s more of a diary entry than my typical musing. One of my favorite songs at the moment is “Know You” by Nigerian rapper Ladipoe and songbird Simi. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this then you’ve heard the song, if you haven’t, download … Continue reading Know You

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