“Alien State of Mind”

In the multitude of Tv shows and movies about aliens and alien life on earth, two have stood out and struck me especially. They were; V for Visitors, a fantastic tv series (in my opinion) that was short-lived (it ran for just two seasons) and the movie The Host adapted from the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer (fans of Twilight will be familiar with this author). They resonated with me for two different yet ironically similar reasons;

The concept of V was this: the aliens looked like humans, talked like humans, ate like humans, behaved like humans and were for almost all practical purposes, human. The only way to unveil or unmask any of them was to make a V-shaped incision behind the ears of the person you suspected. When you did that you would reveal his/her real disgusting reptilian form ( if you never watched the show, believe me when I tell you they were disgusting ). It gave me a new perspective on the saying “Looks are only skin deep”

Now with the movie The Host things were slightly different. They didn’t wear laboratory developed human skin tuxedoes like the aliens in V. Instead they arrived as “consciousnesses” or “identities” ( forgive me, but it’s the best way I can describe it ) in space borne containers and then they where implanted into captured humans. Kind of like when a spirit takes over a body or a disease takes over a corpse and turns it into a zombie like in The Walking Dead. You get the idea.
This being then took over the body and pushed out or subdued the host’s own consciousness or identity if you will, replacing it with it’s own. So while the body and mannerisms where human, upstairs, where it mattered, it’s way of thinking was alien.

Why have I gone through all this trouble? Over the years and in various parts of the country I have come across people who have questioned my seemingly weird point of view on different issues as a christian.
I discovered a long time ago that it’s okay to be weird. Christ was by human standards, strange and weird. And when you become a christian, the truth is you’re no longer human. Sure you’re still flesh and blood, but the fundamental you, the real you inside, your spirit man has been changed. The word “Christian” simply means “Like Christ”. Like in the movie The Host, when Jesus TRULY takes over, your way of thinking changes because you’ll begin to think like Him. And when you start to think like Him, you’ll begin to act like Him. You discover at some point that things that were acceptable to you before become unacceptable because you’ve changed. You’ve become His host.

Forget the movies, forget the tv shows, forget the weird looking beings and their odd looking spaceships. An “Alien” by dictionary definition is a “Stranger, differing in nature or character typically to the point of incompatibility”. As a true christian you’re an alien. You’re incompatible with the world. When you embrace this, your approach to life changes. If you are His temple and He has TRULY and COMPLETELY taken over, as your thinking changes, your way off life follows suit.
Is there immense pressure to “follow the crowd”, “to be like everyone else”? Yes. And every now and then it become so heavy you may cave in, but the Bible talks about the righteous man that falls seven times and rises up each time.
Am I now saying that as a christian because you are not of this world, you’re just passing through, that you close your eyes to everything around you and don’t get involved? No. You’re God’s ambassador on earth, representing His kingdom. He expects you to be active, do your part in bringing people into the new life you have.
But do so by remaining different. When the children of Israel asked Samuel for a king “so they could be like the other nations” they rejected God as their king so they could “belong”. If there is one recurring theme through the Bible, it’s that God has always wanted His children to be different. In EVERYTHING.
The way they talked, the way they dressed, how visitors where treated, how food was prepared, conducting themselves in the presence of God, how they even eased themselves! To the other nations and peoples of the earth they were strange, they were weird. But God loved and wanted them like that.

Strange stands out. Different stands out. Alien stands out.
So when next people say you talk different, or you behave different because you approach life God’s way, or they tell you to “fit in”; don’t shirk from being different, don’t cave in to be like everybody.
He saved you to be like Him and He’s about as different as different gets.

It’s okay to be weird, because as long as you’re “weird in Jesus” you’re alright.
Ariel Ugorji.

I would love to hear from you, you know what to do. Plug in into the comment boxes below or hit me up @arielugorji


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