“For the Love of…Music” Pt II

I enter geek mode when I really love something. Take football for example. For me, it’s beyond 22 individuals kicking around a ball on a football pitch or just picking a particular football club to love. I’m talking about delving into tactics, formations, psychological profiles of players, managers, clubs, statistics on players and teams, trends etc. I could tell you now that modern football has about 5-6 different kinds of strikers, there are at least 3 different kind of central defenders, full backs etc you get the idea.

Now this is the same thing with music for me. I hear a song I really like or an artiste I appreciate and I delve deep. For instance I can tell you that Eminem’s hit song of 2009 “Not Afraid” was produced using the Frooty Loops DAW or that Bebe Rexha is the name behind the Eminem song “Monsters” ft Rihanna and if you listen really close you’ll hear her voice just underneath Rihanna’s.
When I’m discussing music and I’m mentioning names like Tech N9ne, Mayday, Murs, Mila J, Kyle, Ginette Claudette, Timeflies, Niykee Heaton, Slaughterhouse, Talib Kweli, Pharaoh Monche; names that aren’t exactly mainstream but are solid artistes I get that “huh?” look which quite frankly is amusing. The other day I was discussing on twitter with a popular Nigerian artiste who was looking for a new rap album to listen to. When I recommended Pharaoh Monche’s “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” a lyrically, thematically and sonically sound rap album by the way, she had no clue who I was referring to, yet this is an artiste Eminem ( she’s a huge Eminem fan ) credits as being a big influence. I hardly listen to music in singles, I’m all about albums, and I’m constantly trolling the internet for new artistes, new music, new concepts, trends that music is taking etc.

Now before you guys get the impression that I’m using this article to toot my horn or expound my weirdness, let me explain using this saying that people where I’m from use “If you’ve made up your mind to eat a toad, look for the biggest, fattest juiciest toad you can find”. Before you start all squeezing your faces, all it simply means is if you want to do something, do it really well. Be the best at it, give your everything. It doesn’t have to be big, but do all you can.

I’m trying to apply this to my walk as a Christian and I encourage my readers to do the same. It’s not easy, believe me. Especially these days when serving Christ means you by necessity will stand out, and will be mocked/denied/derided; when science is doing all it can to remove God from the equation, when He IS the equation; when logic and “sound” human reasoning and philosophy is finding ways to explain away the Bible’s millennia old instructions; when conservatism and spirituality is laughed upon as antiquated.
Take a look at that thing you love ( I mean really REALLY love) and how you behave towards it and measure it up with your walk with God. Be brutally honest with yourself.
Ariel Ugorji

as usual, you know what to do. Let me know what you think in the comment box below or hit me up on twitter @arielugorji and @pacmovement


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