If there’s one thing that’s a constant in our generation, it’s noise. All kinds of noise. Noise caused by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, noise from your family members wondering in what direction your next step in life is going to be, noise from your friends who are headed in different directions and want you to come along with them, noise even from the church and your pastors, noise from the tv; telling you about all the latest horrible things man is managing to come up with and influencing your lifestyle, noise from your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse about a million different things; where the relationship is headed, where the money is going to come from etc. Noise.

And as you move into a new stage in life, the topics change. Seven years ago all I heard about was passing WAEC and JAMB, getting into the university on time, fitting in with the culture, making good friends, graduating with a good result. Now the topic’s changed, it’s about getting a good job, addressing the issue of a postgraduate degree, and to my greatest dismay, some people have started the harassment of marriage; both subtly and directly.

Then there’s self generated noise. Sometimes influenced by the factors mentioned above but a lot also generated from the inside; the next step to take career wise, relationship wise, you know; all those things you’re consistently thinking about that drive you, that most people don’t know about.
I have to admit at a point I was drowning in it. Confused on what to do. So many decisions to make with no possible idea as to how my choices will pan out; whether good or bad. And for someone like myself who prides himself on logical reasoning and logical decision making, uncertainty’s one of the scariest and most frustrating things ever.

But then during the period yours truly was away and wasn’t writing, God taught me to let it all go. Because in all the noise there was the most important thing missing. His voice.
And it made all the difference because frankly I was a man with way too many plans. Sometimes it can be a negative to have too many plans, because if you can’t make them work you begin to feel like a failure. Even though other people don’t think the same.

I learnt a vital lesson in the two months plus, that the noise tends to drown out God’s voice, drown out the prompting of the Holy Spirit; when you look at all your options and the plans you’ve made and decisions you have to take with all the external and internal pressure, and you just dive right in because well the law of averages says ALL your possible options could not possibly be wrong right? Right.

Elijah was faced with a life and death situation. Queen Jezebel was out for his head and the man of God (note; a MIGHTY man of God) was clueless as to what to do. 1 Kings 19:10-13. In the howling wind, raging fire and earthquake he was expecting to hear God’s voice probably booming through. But he didn’t. The Bible was specific in letting us know that in none of those experiences was God’s voice heard. Until after everything, Elijah heard a still small voice.

That’s usually it. A still small voice telling you to walk away from that relationship (because the God behind the voice knows that guy or girl will wreck you. For life), or to turn your back on that lucrative job offer you’ve been fasting for, or run away from that business partnership you’re about to enter, etc.
But you hear it and don’t LISTEN to it because you’ve probably already printed wedding invitation cards and can’t imagine calling off the wedding this late or you’ve been jobless or broke for so long you’re not being picky about your next job, or this business partnership ticks all the right boxes and could not possibly go wrong, etc.

For some of us we have a pre conceived idea as to how God will answer us; probably after a series of night vigils or fasting and prayer sessions, we expect Him to speak to us in a bright vision, or one deep dream or through the lips of an anointed prophet or manifest in some weird fantastical miracle, etc. God still does all that, but more often than not He prefers to quietly speak with you. In your spirit man via His Holy Spirit. After all the whole point is to draw you closer, develop a personal relationship with you.

The key here is to LISTEN. That’s the whole point of this article. I stopped listening and I got lost. Partly because of the “noise” all around, and partly because I wanted to find my own way, you know; validate all the expectations had of me.
God still speaks, especially when you take out the time to seek His face and hear His voice, and more often than not you’re probably already hearing Him, the question is are you listening?


Ariel Ugorji

So…hit me up @arielugorji let me know what you think


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