The Reason For The Season


It’s that time of the year again. When decorations come out to dazzle, the streets are filled with shoppers, stores drop their prices, there’s red streamers, christmas trees, santas of all ages, shapes and sizes, and then there’s mistletoe.
In Nigeria this is the period goats, cows, rams and most unfortunately turkeys and chickens are slaughtered in the droves.
Kids lose their minds during this period; for food, drinks and presents. Most especially the presents. In fact they could forgo the food and forgive you if you didn’t get them that special flavour of ice cream, but those presents? Don’t mess around with those presents. They’d remember that into their adulthood. And they love Santa, that fat bespectacled bearded fellow that for some reason CANNOT come drop their presents through the door. No. He has to squeeze his considerable bulk through the chimney or the window and SNEAK into the kid’s room to drop the presents.
I have to tell you, unlike most kids, santa freaked me out. The whole story of santa just didn’t vibe with me. I KNOW my parents got me those gifts, I KNOW there’s no way a parade of stags and a sleigh could have parked on either the roof of my house or the uncompleted trench of a road outside my house, and I KNOW santa could not have dropped my gifts through a chimney I did not have or gotten in through windows firmly secured behind burglar proof metal bars.
And as an adult not much has changed. Christmas is that time when contacts who never had the time to say hi during the year send you ridiculous messages saturated with even more ridiculous smileys, and you just smile, say amen or same to you as the case may be and shake your head. Relatives who didn’t give a hoot about you all year suddenly remember you exist and begin to ask for gifts and presents and want to smile with you and share jokes and trade stories and other sappy stuff like that.

I’ve been accused of being a grinch by my friends and sometimes I laugh to myself and I think maybe I am. I’ve always just been cynical. Don’t get me wrong though, I liked christmas as a kid, the food, the gifts, the nativity dramas and the carols, especially the carols. That’s the only part of this season that still gets to me, the carols.

There is THE one thing though that I appreciate about this season which is forgotten amongst all the revelry and thus why I view christmas celebrations with such cynicism;

This is the season to celebrate Jesus.

The whole world celebrates the birth of Jesus during this “holiday” season, whether they believe He exists or not; whether they change the name from “Christmas” to “The Holidays” or not; gay, straight, bent, or twisted; saint and psychopath alike; atheist, agnostic, humanist, occultist. All. The whole world celebrates Jesus and His Power through His incarnation into flesh today. (I must also add for the sake of full disclosure that I’m not entirely convinced that Jesus was born on December the 25th; but then again any day set aside to celebrate anything about Jesus, I’m all for it)
Amidst all the eating and exchanging of gifts and presents and kisses under mistletoe and hacking down of innocent pine trees for decorations, the reason for the season is Jesus. Let’s remember that.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

To My Readers
To all my readers, regulars and visitors alike who have showed up to read my rants and have kept coming back even when I was inconsistent, I want to wish y’all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, peace and joy will never cease in your lives and families in Jesus’ name. AMEN!!!


Ariel Ugorji


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