21 Days


21 days of raw naked pulsing undeniable power.
21 days of GOD.
I don’t know about you but in my 10 years plus of following God, I have never, and I mean NEVER experienced the power of God like I did in these last 21 days. It was unreal. It was heavy. It was naked. It was palpable. It was electric; and it capped off an unbelievable eight months for me.

You know I pity those who refuse to acknowledge this God I serve. It baffles me how you can have this source of unrivalled power BEGGING for you to be engrafted into it, and you let something as ordinary and as mundane as science or philosophy or “rational thinking” blind your eyes to it and turn your heart away from Him.

Here’s the thing, I wasn’t even consistent with the fasting. To be honest, some days the hunger plus the stress of work broke me and I didn’t fast. I didn’t even attend the first two night vigils, but by day eight I was in god-mode. No joke.
Every time I  prayed, the Word hit me like a bad train accident. Consistently. Believe me, for someone whose trade is words, I can’t even begin to describe it. You have to have experienced it to know what I’m talking about. I received things from the Holy Spirit that blew my mind.
For once I truly understood what it meant to walk in divine power. Power to be a god and a king amongst mere men. Power to live like Jesus. Not “close to Jesus”, like Jesus. A god in flesh.

To some of us it may sound outlandish or big mouthed. It’s meant to be. When someone talks about walking in power with God, he’s not talking about anything in the realms of mere human understanding.
I keep using the word “mere” because I have an understanding now that anything outside the power of God is mundane and prosaic. Earthly and average. I don’t know about you but I’m done being average. If that means looking like a fool to walk in the power of God, so be it.
The most exciting part? This is just the beginning. And for all I’ve seen I know I’ve barely even begun to scratch the surface.

So if you haven’t yet, please get to know this God. Give everything to know this God.
Let me be blunt. If you’re satisfied with shuffling through life subject to the whims and caprices of life, by all means carry on as you were. But if you want to reign on earth, if you want to prevail with God, establish a leech-like hold on God.
Seek ye first the kingdom of God AND His righteousness, and ALL ( put in this bracket everything you’re bending over backward and killing yourself hustling for) these things will be handed over to you. Matthew 6:33


Ariel Ugorji


posted by Ariel Ugorji


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