This hashtag ruled the internet on the day of the Supreme’s Court decision on Same-Sex marriages when it essentially redefined the existing meaning of marriage. Prompted by none other than president Obama himself.
I told myself I wouldn’t write anything about this. And I tried. I really did. I did all my venting on Facebook, Twitter and my Blackberry and that should have been enough to let it go. Unfortunately it wasn’t. I lasted just 2 days.
So here I am, up late as usual, and I’m going through Twitter and I see this hashtag again, now I’ve got a very good friend also pushing me to write something about this and here I am.
So how exactly has Love “won”? Well apparently now people are no longer bound by the “inconvenient traditional, and backward” restrictions of the Biblical definition of marriage.

The word being flogged around now is “Open-minded”. Once upon a time it used to be “Tolerance”, over time it has morphed into “Acceptance”. Where before we were under pressure to just tolerate homosexuals, now we have to accept them. By fire and by force, whether they accept or tolerate us “stiff” Bible thumpers or not.


Acceptance is a big deal; tolerance means I can just “suffer” you because there’s probably nothing I can do to change you. Acceptance means a change of heart. It means I actually approve of and support whatever it is you’re doing. That, my dear friends in this context is where I have a problem.
America is a very interesting country. For a nation “under God” they make very conscious effort to poke their fingers in His face at every turn. They remove Bibles from their schools and curriculum, they bully practicing Christian students in schools, they find it easier to insult anything related to Christianity than any other religion. Draw a cartoon of Mohammed now and watch the Muslims go bonkers, so people are careful, but Jesus and the Bible are roundly mocked.


Maybe because Christians are generally a very accommodating bunch (a personally very irritating trait). If we went on a physical holy war against the atheists, homosexuals, liberals, and generally everybody who turns their nose at our faith, blowing up markets and train stations and other violent stuff like that maybe…
And now marriage has been redefined now to make people of the same sex free to enjoy the privileges of heterosexual couples. Give it a few more decades and the same arguments would be made for unions between man and animals. After all there are states in the US where it is legal to marry your animal. And there are states where it is legal to have sex with your animal. Amazingly demented.


Recently I engaged in a discussion with a very old friend of mine who happens to be a “Christian” and is also pro-gay and the first thing I was accused of was being judgmental. Let me first state that I’m not a saint. Oh no. I’m working towards it though, that’s the job of every Christian. Speaking about jobs, it is also the job of every Christian to speak out against sin. The failure of Christians to do that has resulted in the phenomenon we see in the USA today. Maybe because it’s over such a sensitive issue as homosexuality, and that’s because we humans grade sin; this sin is worse than that sin; white lies, little lies, big lies etc. But before God they are all the same.
Now if this my friend – who is married by the way – for instance had another friend who was also married but cheating on her husband and she knew about it, would she keep silent over it because she didn’t want to judge? Telling somebody he/she is wrong has now made you judgmental? Ok, keep quiet and “accept them for who they are” and watch them destroy themselves and others because you don’t want to be seen as judgmental.
Frankly that is one of the most stupid arguments I have ever heard anybody raise and the real thing that pisses me off about it is that even people I consider smart raise it.
Here’s another one; God is a God of love. Oh yes He is, He’s also a God of judgment. Now if we agree that He hasn’t changed, then we can agree that even in this era of grace at some point grace runs out. I know to some people I’ve just spoken blasphemy, but there won’t be a hell for sinners if grace gave you the license to do as you like would there? Or has grace now locked the doors of hell? If you thought so, let me reassure you that hell’s doors are wide open and they check in customers every second of every day, including “Christians”.
After all Apostle Paul asked “can we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid!” his words. Not mine. If we then continue in sin and the grace “stops to abound” as Paul has said, biko nnu wetin remain again? No be hell be that?!
Knowing this, how can some of us Christians find a way to support this obvious and flagrant disregard for God’s rules?


When the adulterous woman was brought to Jesus, He said whoever was without sin should cast the first stone. No one did. Note that He was the only one who could forgive her and the only one who could have judged her because He is God and He is the word of God by which she would have been judged. I’m saying this because I know some people will throw this verse right back in my face. They’ll say Jesus didn’t judge! That particular story ends by Him telling her to go and sin no more. Emphasis on “sin no more”. THAT is grace. He didn’t say “my grace has covered you, you may go and continue to hump to your heart’s content”. But people conveniently leave out that part.
Apart from the fact that I still cannot understand the warped mentality behind homosexuality and some “Christians’” permissive attitude towards it – even when the Bible explicitly – denounces it; What really gets my blood boiling is the attack on Christians for standing on what they believe. People and establishments are getting sued because they won’t compromise on their beliefs to satisfy others’ deviant desires. If a catering service refuses to make a cake for your lesbian wedding because it goes against everything they stand for is that the only catering service in the state?! Bake the cake yourself for crying out loud!
And with the new ruling, Christian establishments in America are in for some really trying times. They will need our prayers.


Like power, absolute freedom corrupts absolutely. There’s a reason God placed rules for the children of Israel. It made them different. It kept them within boundaries of heavenly acceptable behavior. And the bunch of those instructions have made up the bedrock for laws and moral codes worldwide. For generations. Until now apparently.
But then again I’m here making the assumption that these people believe there is a God. Who am I kidding right? If they don’t believe a God to whom they are accountable to exists, then they won’t follow His rules, and when they don’t follow His rules, voila! This is what you get.
Love hasn’t won. Hell has won. And make no mistake about it, it’s going to get worse. 30 years ago it would have been unheard of for a black president of the United States to be behind the drive to legalize same sex marriage, but it has happened. Maybe in another 30 years we would have inter-specie weddings legalized in the Supreme Court. And when I say “inter-specie weddings” I’m also throwing plants, insects and fishes into that mix.


Love only wins when we Christians grow the balls to speak out against evil; when we take a stand against sin and draw people’s attention back to Christ and the Bible undiluted.
Love only wins when we’re brave enough to not only speak out against sin but go back and ensure our own lives are in order too.
Love only wins when you bring the homosexual to Jesus so He can save and change him/her.
Love doesn’t win when you deny God and all He stands for in order to move with the crowd.
All in all, every man, no matter his position and every court, no matter its level will answer to the court of Heaven – whether they believe Heaven or God as a matter of fact exists or not is irrelevant – and based on Biblical precedent I think we all know what the verdict will be.
We all need Jesus.
Ariel Ugorji

posted by Ariel Ugorji


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