Depending on your stand; Biblical creationist or evolutionist I think we can both agree that man started out nude. Even to today, everybody is pushed or cut out nude. Then the clothes come on, almost immediately. From the moment the nurse or midwife retrieves you from your mother’s body and snips off your umbilical cord she wraps you up and hands you over to your mother or the doctor, whichever the case may be. And from that point on you’re putting on clothes. Of all kinds of materials, for all kinds of occasions, in all kinds of weather. In fact as a kid you very likely changed clothes 3-4 times daily.
So I find it interesting that we come to a point in our lives where we no longer want to put on our clothes. Wait, let me re-phrase that, I find it most interesting that not only do we no longer want to put on clothes, but we are more than pleased to display our nakedness to the world. And when I say nakedness I’m not talking about lingerie or skimpy clothes or underwear, I mean “sky clad”, under the moon nakedness, Adam & Eve nakedness, you get the idea.
Nudes aren’t new, Playboy and Hustler magazines didn’t birth nudes, they proliferated it. They made them more accessible. But with the invention of mobile phones (with cameras), digital cameras, tablet computers etc. suddenly everyone wants/has a veritable collection of personal and/or received nudies. By the way I’m not talking about porn, I know that’s probably a grey area but there seems to be some form of difference (don’t ask me, I don’t know what! I just know).
You know, when we talk sexual related issues like these, the emphasis is usually on the females, and for good reason because let’s face it; the female body is very desirable to look at, especially in the right pose (except if #LoveWon for you and so your tastes run different). So it’s easy to understand why when you mention the word nudes the first thing that pops into your mind is the naked body of a woman. But now we have an inversion of the “what a man can do, a woman can do better” principle; it used to be ladies where the ones who “took” the nudes, now boys are stepping up. Note that when I say nudes I’m throwing short video clips into that category too.
I had an experience that marred me some years ago. I was going through a friend’s phone browsing through his pictures (in my defense, the phone wasn’t locked and he didn’t seem so particular about my going through it) long story short I came upon a short dark and grainy video clip of his weenie. At first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing, but the alarm bells were already ringing in my head and I should have let it go but what can I say? I’m a curious guy, so I watched it for a few seconds until I figured out I was looking at a video of an erect penis. Suffice to say I gave his phone a wide berth after that.
Here’s the weird thing, you would think that with the amount of leaked nudes floating around on the web – and there are a lot of nudes online, I researched, almost every celebrity you know has her junk on the internet for your viewing pleasure – people would cut down on the nude-taking; quite the contrary. I read somewhere that if you share a nudie with someone, there’s a 98% chance someone else will see it. 98% chance! So if for instance, emphasis on for instance, I take a picture of myself the way my mama bore me, probably in some fancy pose to show off my abs and junk and sent it to a significant other, there’s a 98% chance someone else will see it? I’m keeping my junk to myself, thank you very much! In fairness that situation is more likely to happen to a girl than a guy, but still. That’s not even accounting for the fact that phones and online accounts get hacked all the time, phones get stolen or go missing, or maybe, just maybe, that one time, you forget to lock your phone and somebody else gets a hold of it to witness you in all your glory.
But then again maybe I’m just old school, because apparently the in-thing now is to have naked pictures of myself and/or a girlfriend on my phone/tablet/pc and as much as I appreciate the naked form of a lady (as any normal guy would!) and the weird male pride that comes from being asked for a nude, it’s not something I’m comfortable with. This is not to bash the art of “nude taking” because un-married people do it, no, a lot of married couples do it too, and it gives spice to the relationship (so I’ve heard). I’m just uncomfortable with the risks involved. The statistics I quoted above scared me good. Suppose you screw up with your boyfriend, like really screw up, and he’s hurt and pissed and he decides to do something stupid because people generally do stupid things in the heat of emotion and then he takes your ish and puts it on facebook or twitter or instagram or one of the many social media outlets out there. What then? It’s public domain now, you can’t exactly call your parts “private” again after such a display now can you?
For a lot of people, it’s a risk they are willing to take and I admire that, love makes us like that a lot of the time, and in this day and age it seems people don’t really care anymore. Like I said earlier, I’m not judging; if nudes are your thing snap away to your heart’s content, everyone’s got their reasons and their motivations. I’m just saying one of these days you could get to work and your boss would call you into his office and spin around his computer screen and show you your ass all up in the camera or if you’re a guy, your junk in your hands in front of a mirror.
Ariel Ugorji
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