“Holy Jets”

I have a problem with clergy and their private jets.
Nah, I just said that to get your attention; I have a problem with people who have a problem with clergy who have private jets.
About a month ago, the pope visited the United States of America and suddenly my twitter timeline was replete with fellows who noticed just how pious he (the pope) was because he didn’t fly all the way from the Vatican in a private jet. Before I knew it the comparisons began, how so and so bishop owns so and so amount of private jets and flies so and so private jet(s) to so and so place. How dare he? Is he better than the pope? Why doesn’t he take that money and spread it around the less privileged?
Such a load of sanctimonious, hypocritical, poppycock; annoying moral high-horse bullshi*. Forgive my French.
So the pope decided to fly commercial, so what? Mind you I’ll put money on it that his flight was chartered, and even if it wasn’t he definitely flew first class, alone. The Catholic Church is stupendously rich, worth billions of dollars.
Here’s where my problem lies; why is it so easy for people to run their mouths when a man of God is involved? Muslim Arab princes are even more obscene with their displays of wealth and I don’t hear anyone losing their marbles over a Saudi king whose toilet faucets are made of solid gold, or a prince (in the same family) who bought a whole Boeing Airbus plane (plane, not jet) and spent upwards of a hundred million dollars customizing it, or another prince who had an Audi TT made out of silver OR a secular celebrity whose rich enough to own several Bugatti Veyrons (Mayowa tells me owning one is as good as owning a private jet, such are the costs of maintaining it) or that popular R&B singer who once wore half a million dollars worth of jewellery to an awards show.
No, nobody loses their brains over them, but let a pastor manage to drive the most recent car around, let it even be 2 years old and these guys begin to foam in the mouth, falling over themselves asking why he should be driving such things, the effrontery to even think of living a life of comfort he can afford! He can’t be Christian. No, No, No.
Is it your money?!
Olu Maintain of “Yahooze” fame asked that question and it’s the same one I’m asking now. Is it your money?! Where did this notion that a servant of God has to be poor or struggling financially come from? And I’m not limiting this qualification to pastors. Definitely not from the Bible. The Bible is flooded with examples of men and women who worshipped God and were stupendously rich. I mean Abraham took on TWO kings and their armies with his own personal army to rescue his errant nephew and his family. You think he just woke up in the morning, rubbed his stomach, drank garri with some camel milk and decided to go to war? And some of y’all religiously sing Abraham’s blessings are mine! Hallelujah!
His own son Isaac got so wealthy philistine kings came to appease him after they had repeatedly filled up his wells. Job was filthy rich; David and Solomon were filthy rich; Jehoshaphat, Lydia, Cornelius the Centurion, the Ethiopian treasurer, Hezekiah, Joseph of Arimathea in whose tomb Jesus was buried was described as a wealthy man. Jesus Himself might not have been riding chariots but He never lacked a thing. Worst case scenario He had His tax paid from the mouth of a fish.
As for the bed-raggled argument of them not giving, I know that for a fact to be nonsense. I know people who had their private university fees paid by one of these men of God. Has it ever occurred to you that it’s because of their silent acts of giving that God blesses them tremendously? After all you don’t hear they gave to so and so charity like so many celebrities.
For those who don’t believe their wealth comes from God, to each his own. I’d rather believe that God was big enough to bless somebody first, than attribute it to the devil first thing and then later correct my position. In this case to err is divine.
So please, leave clergy and their private jets abeg. Go and ask God what they did that got them there. It’s not your money. Stop beefing and go and find your own.
Ariel Ugorji
@arielugorji, arielugorji@gmail.com


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