Brains vs Brawn


So last Friday the new trailer for the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer dropped and it was 3 minutes of geeky awesomeness. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Really, it was amazeballs.

Later that evening while I was still geeking out over the trailer, I engaged in a lively argument with one of my close pals about who will kick ass between Superman and Batman if/when the two of them go at it. This is an argument I have had with every of my comic-book reading friends since I was introduced to the world of comics at age 9. 16 years later and it hasn’t stopped. What can I say? Comics are life.


Anyway the argument got lively to say the least. Bernard was Team Supes and I was Team Dark Knight all the way. He argued that Superman is strong, light-speed fast (debatable in my opinion since The Flash is the absolute boss when it comes to speed), has x-ray vision, shoots lasers from his eyes, and thus would squash Batman in the blink of an eye before the fight even started or to use one of his more imaginative scenarios “he would just carry batman and drop him inside the sun”

My argument was this, can Superman do all that? Oh yes. There’s a reason why villains usually find a way to eliminate Superman first before they turn their attentions to earth and the other superheroes. He’s a serious badass.

But Batman is in a class of his own. Where Superman excels at brute force, the Dark Knight’s strength (money and tech aside) is his unearthly intelligence. Yes unearthly. It was actually rated unearthly. Anyone who is familiar with Batman will know he has taken on and beaten quite regularly, villains (alien and human) alike that he normally shouldn’t be able to mess with (Superman included). He’s usually underestimated, sometimes even by his fellow Justice Leaguites. In the interest of fairness I should add that Superman is quite smart, he is an alien after all. But put alongside Batman, he’s just a regular smart guy.

This brings me to my musing for today. Brain or Brawn? I love Superman, I really do. He was the first superhero I ever knew, as I imagine was the same for most of you reading this. But then I discovered Batman and I switched allegiances quicker than Nepa can take light because there’s something about his ability to use his head that is just downright incredible. For all of Superman’s strengths he has some very annoying weaknesses; bring a sliver of kryptonite near him and he’s finished, from full on god mode to a whimpering mess; and then magic. Ron Weasely could do a simple binding spell on Superman and he’d be harmless. Annoying really. What can you say is the Bat’s weakness? He’s mortal. He can die. Simple. But then again you forget that sometimes because of his ability to prepare for, out-think, anticipate and outmaneuver his opponents.

Maybe it’s because I’m a small guy, or maybe it’s because I like to imagine myself as faintly brainy. But I’ve come to appreciate intelligence over strength. Strength is useful yes, but intelligence makes strength all the more potent. It’s interesting that both superheroes later turned out to be best of friends because their abilities complement each other smoothly.

It’s a quality I subconsciously look for in my ladies too. I’ve heard they call people like me Sapiosexuals. This might sound chauvinistic but I can smell an airhead immediately and it’s an instant turnoff because I get bored pronto. I know some guys who don’t mind….Lol….well because it makes parole easy.

Interesting note: Batman can speak Kryptonian, even Superman’s human parents couldn’t speak Kryptonian. How AWESOME is that?!

So, which is it for you? Brains? Or Brawn?  For the comic lovers reading this, Team Superman or Team Dark Knight?

March 25th 2016 is the date.

Ariel Ugorji



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