Hey guys!

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Hope you all had a great Christmas. Mine was awesome, also my first Christmas away from my nuclear family. I love them, but it was quite liberating actually.

I was wondering what to write about to launch the New Year with when I discovered I actually have articles written that you haven’t even seen yet!

Now since this year is apparently the year for bae seizing and boo hunting I thought I should drop something I wrote last year on perfection. Enjoy

First there was Cindy Crawford, then there was Beyonce. Raw beauties, untouched. One just turned 49, the other had also just turned 34. They have both been on hundreds of magazine covers, spreads, photographs, gazillions of photoshoots and have been the epitome of feminine sex appeal and perfection for years.

Then untouched photos of both of them leaked online and people went nuts. Absolutely bonkers. Bananas.25CE13DE00000578-0-image-a-60_1424287073405

I couldn’t believe it. People losing their minds because they saw a celebrity in a photograph the way she ACTUALLY is? Cindy Crawford isn’t Artemis, nor is Beyonce Venus (even though the magazines and photographers bring them pretty close to goddess status). This is how they look like in real life.25CE11CC00000578-0-image-m-59_1424287063491

I read an article in The Telegraph written by Piers Morgan’s wife, Celia Warden that encapsulated just how I felt about the whole charade. Celebrities are human, like all of us, and have flaws; but they work extremely hard to look the way they do. You think you can indulge in starch and banga soup, do without exercise, and have queen B’s looks? Hell no!

More than half the time they’re in the gyms working out and they can’t eat what they want to eat because their brands are largely built on their looks.

I for one thought Cindy Crawford looked great, retouched or not, stretch marks or not, and Beyonce was just as beautiful with the pores on her face as she has been when they’ve been either covered up or digitally removed.cindy1 (1)

This isn’t the first time either. Sometime in 2014 Keira Knightley posed topless in a photoshoot in protest of the “retouching” done to photographs. Her photographs were unedited.

I don’t know many guys who give a damn about photoshopped beauty. In fact the ones I know prefer you without the makeup; we usually see through it anyway, it’s usually the ladies who find it difficult to truthfully appreciate the beauty of another woman in the room and when the makeup is off, they go aha! I knew she wasn’t all that!

A model agent told Celia Warden “Women like to aspire to impossible ideals…it isn’t men perpetuating this unreachable fantasy, it’s you lot”. Aptly put.

You think the Beyonce Jay Z sees in the morning is the same Beyonce you see on the grammy red carpet? Come on!

As for the debate on the “photoshop culture” well that culture is here to stay. It’s too entrenched in the fabric of our pop culture to go anywhere. But if there’s anything to come out these two incidents, is that we can’t live out our fantasies through the lives of the stars. Because when the lights go out and the director yells cut, they are mortals, like you and me.

New! New! New!

I think the first thing you’d notice is the new layout if the site. We’re trying something different. Hope you like it. In addition, we have 3 new columns so there’s a LOT more content coming your way this year, and this is just the beginning.

Over the holidays I was able to sweet talk two new writers into joining the team; very soon you’ll be reading them and I’m hoping to bring in more.

That said, I did promise you that this year I personally will be handling one of the new columns – The Insomniacs’ Hub – where I’ll be shining the spotlight on young people whose hustle keeps them up at night and thankfully I have been able to pin down 2 of these hustlers and have a few more lined up.

If you are interested in contributing, whether it’s your own column or even hoping on the main column itself with some musings of your own; or maybe you’d like to tell the world what it is you do and why you do it differently, then hit me up on twitter @arielugorji or send a mail to


There’s SO much more coming this year, but why ruin the surprise right?


Ariel Ugorji


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