True Love’s…


Every once in a while when this “adulting” scam becomes too much and I’m almost going out of my mind, I sit down to watch cartoons. I don’t love them anymore, at least not like when I was a kid (except Ice Age, I adore it) but they help keep my mind off constructing all forms of torture for the different people who made me believe growing up was the shi*.

Anyway, I was in one of those moods when I fished out the first installment of Shrek to watch. Everybody knows the story, Shrek goes to rescue the princess so the king can marry her and give him back his swamp so he can live in peace. There were a lot of subplots and allegories I could piece out of the movie especially watching it again in my twenties but I wouldn’t go into any of them. My focus today is the whole “true love’s kiss” business. Everybody who grew up watching any Disney feature length film will be very familiar with various kisses from prince charmings to various beauties and/or the other way around with kisses from beauties to frog princes and beasts and what-not.

Now in Shrek, Fiona explains her childhood curse that causes her to transform each night into an ogre, which is why she was locked away, and that only her true love’s kiss will return her to her “love’s true form”. We all know how that story ended; true love’s kiss came from Shrek, so dear Fiona’s true love form meant her curse was a blessing (?) I don’t know, the ending was obviously happy but it got me thinking.

So here’s my question, it’s 2016, how many girls in Fiona’s position, knowing what would happen should Shrek’s kiss be the real deal, have gone through with it? Or if the shoes were flipped around how many boys in this day and age would have done the same thing? Fiona assumed that the kiss will restore her to her original human beauty even though she had fallen in love with an ogre, but it didn’t; it kept her in the form of her true love.  You know, with the other movies like Beauty and the Beast or The Frog Prince or The Swan Princess, after the kiss they all reverted to their human forms and everyone went on to live happily ever after. That’s easy, how easy would it have been for Beauty to revert to some feminine counterpart of Beast and accept it?


Interesting how this scenario worked when Lord Ugly here was wealthy…hmmm

Or for the princess to turn into a graceful frog because her love was a frog?A prince, but still a frog; or for the guys, the prince turned into a swan and soar in the horizon happily ever after with his swan princess?

She doesn't look too keen on sharing the moochies with froggie does she?

She doesn’t look too keen on sharing the moochies with froggie does she?

You see, for me Fiona’s “true love” was the real deal. Sacrifice. Being willing to change for the person you claim to be in love with. Everybody now’s all about finding somebody who will “accept them for who they are” .You don’t get to see that very often in real life, well I’ve not seen a lot of it.

Ogres in love...this is as romantic as it gets

Ogres in love…this is as romantic as it gets

I’m not talking about people turning into monsters, but people genuinely being in love with a person for who he/she is. Imagine being in love with a girl and you’re all ready to marry her, then you discover she can’t have children; a deal-breaker for you so the wedding’s off. Or the man you’re engaged to is blinded in an accident or crisped in a fire and now you can’t decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with him. I’m not judging anybody found in these situations, they are difficult. But I think you may see my point.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m very cynical when it comes to the topic of love, I believe in it, but I’m also a firm believer in the consistent inconsistency of human nature and our unerring ability to tuck our tails and run when our “happy ever after” isn’t looking likely.

So, true love’s kiss and damn the consequences or nah?

Ariel Ugorji



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