To all the Wingless Angels…


It occurred to me to take out a whole post to appreciate all the friends God has brought along my path at one time or the other. Some have remained, some have moved on, some I’ve remained close with, others life has split our paths.

I consciously left out family members out of this because they deserve a whole appreciation post for themselves which I’ll do at another time.

Adeosun Tunji. I won’t call your nickname here. You’re one of my oldest friends and one of the smartest men I know. I appreciate you because you challenge me, I don’t think you know it but you do. I admire your genius and tenacity and the fact that you’ve had my back for the last ten years.

You also have a very mischievous and devious mind and it’s constantly entertaining.

Aregbesola Mayowa. Boss. I appreciate you man, like big time. Where do I even start? It’s been 10 years too, just about the same time I’ve known the clown above. I appreciate your spirituality man, it drives me too. We don’t agree on everything but we agree on the nuts and bolts. You’ve had my back too consistently and I’ll never forget that.

Abraham Oluwatoni. Father Abraham. LOOOOL. You know there’s no way I was going to just gloss over your nickname like that. The very first friend I ever had in Covenant University and I can never forget that because those first few weeks of year one would have been far worse than they were if I had been alone. You looked out for me from the first day we met and ensured I wasn’t too much of a ghost in class, I appreciate that. You’re also instrumental in my meeting these other two musketeers, I thank God for that.

Let me confess, I almost singlehandedly finished your carton of indomie in first semester. I was borrowing like 2 packs almost every day.

Olaoluwa Agbaje. My brother. One of the handful of men who at times intimidate me. An absolute genius. It’s been 10 years too and I appreciate you man. Everything I know about production I learnt from you. You’ve been my biggest fan from day one and you’re one of the reasons I’m going to get things right so your faith in me hasn’t been misplaced. You were there when I had to repeat my year 3 and even if you didn’t know it, having you alongside the music was my greatest escape from the depression. I’ll never forget that. You remember those songs right? The dark ones? Looool. People will likely never hear them but they’re badges of honor and you helped forge them.

You’re constantly nudging me about my music and the writing and that has kept me going.

Opeoluwa. I can’t call you by that special title no more because you’re married now but you know you’ll always have a very special place in my heart. We’ve been friends longer than the guys I’ve mentioned above and I wouldn’t trade all those years for anything, 13 if the calculations are correct.

I started out disliking you because…well…you’re really smart and you just came from the blue and started making life difficult for me especially in English. But we got past that didn’t we? You remember SS3? I’ll never forget that year, when the boys were afraid to talk to me, you did. You got into my head and helped me figure shi* out. You’ve come through for me way too many times and I wonder what I’ve done to deserve a friend like you. I love you girl, that’s for real.

Olumide Blessing. 14 years. Aside my family, I’ve known you the longest. And we’ve remained friends throughout. I appreciate your kind spirit, your spirituality, that tinny voice you have, your cheerful disposition and your love for God.

ByondDcolor is an amazing concept and I can’t tell you just how proud I am of you. Hurry up and come good with the fashion designing because I need to hitch onto that bandwagon. I love you girl.

Special mentions for ‘Boboye Tosin, Iyanu, and Seye. Man you guys will always be my brothers. For a time people called us soul brothers, I’ll never forget that. Life sent us in different directions but I’ll always remember those songs we wrote (and my role as designated drummer), the secrets we shared, the code names and our shared love for God. I miss you guys and I wish you the ultimate best.

Funso Fajiye, Taye Babalola, Deji Falaiye, Olu T, Deola Akinrinbola, Ayomikun, Bayo, Seyi, Peter, Erege, man! I appreciate God for bringing you guys along my path.

Onome. My very own twin sister. Babe I love you and I’m not just saying that. Your persistent cheeriness was annoying at first my first few days in school as a new student but make no mistake it meant a lot to me. We fought like tigers in SS3 and I do regret many of the things I said, but that’s all water under the bridge. Congrats on your introduction.

Special mentions too for Busayo nee Awosika, Area Mama-turned-posh spice Seyila (she’ll probably chop my head off for resurrecting this nickname again after all these years) you guys have were and are amazing and I thank God for the privilege of knowing you.

Olajumoke. Babe where do I even start with you? You taught me love and heartbreak. Quite possibly the kindest soul I have ever met, how often you bend over backward for others can quite frankly be annoying but I loved and still love you for it.  Our friendship hasn’t been what it was but I don’t regret one second of it and if you ever need me, imma be there to the best of my ability.

I appreciate your drive, creativity, tenacity, hard work and the fact that you never let anything get you down.  You’ve been on my case to fall in love and settle down but I’ll need you to be patient because it looks like it might take a while.

Marius. My G. Fine boy no pimple, beard gang on point. I tag along with you because the girls don’t care about my “sparkling intellect” or big flowing English but at least with you I’ll be noticed. LOOOOOL. Seriously though, we’ve been guys since 06 but we became Gs that 3rd year. I try to imagine that year flying solo and it would have been hell if not for you. We’ve been riding together since then and I appreciate you man. I appreciate your mind and I respect your swagger. No too vex but I’m going to stick close, maybe some of that effortless swagger will rub off on me and I’ll come off as cool to some of these girls. Lord knows you’re one of my best chances at having a girlfriend.

Vivian. Babe I appreciate you. I never had the opportunity to get a glimpse into that mind of yours until a few years ago and it’s been interesting. Then there’s the fact that you’re absolutely gorgeous with a killer figure; beauty and brains, a very hard configuration to beat.

All that said, what I’m really grateful for is the opportunity you gave me on your website when I started this whole writing shindig. I know we don’t agree on a lot but you were the first to give me a voice and I don’t take that for granted. I know I haven’t been available but when I get my shi* sorted out, anytime I get a call from you, you’ll always jump to the head of the queue.

Fadare. President of the Taylor Swift Fan Club, Nigerian Chapter. I appreciate you man. For real, your friendship has been important. We don’t have to talk all the time, but when we do we start off where we left off.

Tunde Esan. He’s likely not going to see this but I’ll appreciate him all the same. The chillest roommate I ever had and an all-round awesome guy. Always smiling, I never saw him get pissed, not once. His serenity made my final year in that room peaceful, especially as he essentially hosted me the entire year.

Most importantly the fact that I finished my project in that one week was mainly due to you. That laptop and the free access to it were blessings. God bless you for me.

Akalu Martins. My guy. I appreciate you man, for real. Your genius, your art, your passion for Jesus, all inspire me. I know PACmovement has been on hiatus and everything else is taking a hell of a lot longer than I planned to get on track, but we goin’ do it by God’s grace. The noise has to be made and we’re going to make it.

Elvis Mbanaso. This guy. I appreciate and bless God for purifying your ways. LOOOL. Seriously though, I appreciate your boldness, mind, your drive, your intelligence. I’ve never forgotten what you told me when I told you who I was after, it might seem basic truth now, but then I didn’t know and I’ve kept it close to my heart.

Muyiwa. Bruh! I appreciate you man. It’s been awesome knowing you. I’m going to admit that you surprised me as a person once I got to know you. I appreciate your drive, determination, intelligence and most importantly your ambition. We goin’ make it brother, it’s taking longer than we thought but we’ll get there.

Dami Daniels. Chances are you won’t see this, but I’m going to say them all the same. You my dear, are one seriously different girl and I love you for that. I appreciate your dour sense of humor and acerbic wit. I’m actually grateful to God that I get you because you’re beautiful in your own way. In your own way you’ve been there and I don’t take that for granted.

Jide Sodimu. Brother I’ve only know you about a year but you’ve been a blessing to me. I appreciate your intelligence and devilishly mischievous sense of humor. At the same time your love for Jesus is infectious and I admire, respect and emulate that.

I see your hustle and respect it.

Foyinsola. The first girl I ever had feelings for; as much feelings as a fifteen year old boy could have. I appreciate you babe. Probably the only girl in that class who could can my ass in a tongue lashing contest, Onome is a close second. I haven’t seen you in a while but I still got mad love for you. I appreciate your fearlessness and “take no prisoners” attitude. It’s scary and sexy at the same time.

Kate. Mrs. Adeseun. I quite literally don’t have any image of you in my head without that big smile of yours. Seriously. Your smile alone gets you into this list. But then I also have to mention that first class brain of yours and the fact that it’s ridiculously easy to get you to laugh. You’ve been a good friend and I appreciate you. Congratulations on your nuptials and I wish you the very best.

Maris. I’m also not sure you’ll see this. But if you do, know that I appreciate you. Your mind is a marvel and you’re one of the reasons my NYSC year was one the best years of my life. Those nights we spent talking for hours will always remain with me and I learnt a lot from you.

Ruke. My G. 9 years I’ve known you. I appreciate your world view and sense of humor. I owe you for my full blown introduction to Barcelona and Eminem and anime and manga and comics in general. You and John are mostly responsible for refining my music tastes. You’re also partially to blame for the fact that I’m a complete geek today.

Critically, I also appreciate the fact that you never threw me over the corridors from the 2nd floor all those months when I tortured you guys with music from High School Musical.

Bernard. Lord Eye-Pod. LOOOOL. You know there was no way you could escape that nickname here. I appreciate you bruh. You played devil’s advocate for a while and I thank God He delivered us both because na hell we dey head for that period so. The other thing I need God to deliver you from is your love for Manchester United, how anyone can love that club is beyond me. Much love bruh.

Amos. Boss. That NYSC year was lit and you were one of the reasons. Those evenings of football, the times we actually had serious conversations, the advice, I appreciate all of them.

Ukpeme. Babe I’m going to find time to visit and see Jason, his swagger deserves to be respected in person. I appreciate your sense of humor and that huge smile of yours. I also got a glimpse of how driven you can be and I respect that.

Layi. Guy!!! First things first, big congratulations man on the wedding, you’re officially off the market. There’s a lot to appreciate you for and I’ll get to them briefly but I want to officially remind you of that party at OFFER center and how after a few cups of palm-wine you entertained us the whole bus ride home. LOL. That incident will stay with me for life bruh.

That said, I remember the evenings of football with Tayo and Amos, the games we watched together, food we shared together and our collective beef with the batch b guys, remember that? NYSC was awesome and you were one of the reasons for that. I’ll never forget that.

Tayo. Oga chairman boss. I appreciate you man. We haven’t talked in a while but I don’t forget your sense of humor, and your “senior bros” point of view on issues. I see your hustle and I respect it.

May God bless you guys for me.



I’m on twitter @arielugorji or you can mail me at; BBM PIN: 7B0C3DFC

Would love to hear from you guys.


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